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Our Raleigh Machine Shop Explains Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing may be used in custom machining in Raleigh. It is often known as 3D printing. It involves using technology to grow three-dimensional objects. Every layer is partially or completely melted. The materials are fused together after they are cured or cooled.

Additive Manufacturing Process

There are different processes that a Raleigh NC custom machinist can use, including the following.

  • Powder bed fusion-This involves using lasers to melt the layers of material.
  • Material jetting-It involves using a print to move backwards and forwards. The material is cured with an ultraviolet light.
  • Binder jetting-It is similar to material jetting. However, it involves the use of a liquid binder and powdered material.
  • Material extrusion-It involves using a heated nozzle to layer the materials.
  • Directed extrusion-It is similar to material extrusion. However, it is used for a wider range of materials, including ceramics, polymers and metals.
  • Sheet lamination-It involves the use of adhesive and paper. The metal sheets are joined together using ultrasonic welding.
  • Vat Polymerization-It involves curing microfine resin layers with ultraviolet light.

What Materials Can Be Used?

Metals, ceramics, bio-chemicals and thermoplastics are some of the materials that can be used in local custom machining. These materials can be used in various applications, including healthcare, automotive, product development and aerospace.

Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

There are several benefits that come along with using additive manufacturing in local custom machining. It allows people to create lighter, more complex designs. It also allows for quick prototyping. Furthermore, it can reduce lead time.

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