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Our Pittsboro Welder Explains The Basics of Torch Cutting

Torch Cutting has been a part of component manufacturing for decades. In its previous incarnation, this was done manually by skilled workers. Today, much of this process is done through automation to increase productivity.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

A local custom machine shop might use torch cutting, also known as Oxy-fuel cutting, to create components used for a number of products. Especially those needed for prototypes. We found a welder at a CNC machine shop near Pittsboro to discuss the basics of this operation.

How It Works

Torch cutting is more than turning a flame on and off. At a Pittsboro CNC machine shop, this process is an accurate technique. It’s used mostly to cut mild steel to get an accurate fit for a component. As a result. welding time is reduced.

This doesn’t mean the process is quick. The Oxy-fuel torch has to pre-heat the steel prior to cutting. This number is approximately 1760 degrees Fahrenheit (960 degrees Celsius).

When it reaches that temperature, the steel loses its protection against oxygen. This is also when pure oxygen is directed through the torch nozzle to the heated area. The high-pressure stream transforms the vulnerable steel into a liquid.


A local custom machine shop might use torch cutting because of its advantages. One is cutting through thicker walls. A plasma torch can’t be used on heavy steel due to the amount of energy needed to pre-heat then pierce the surface.

Another plus for a Pittsboro CNC machine shop is cost. Oxy-fuel is more economical than plasma at the initial purchase and during use. Thus, the return on investment of consumables and equipment happens much quicker.

How to Learn More

There’s more to learn about torch cutting and if it’s something you can use for your business. Contact us to answer your questions and receive an estimate for your project.

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