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3 Basic TIG Welding Tips from Our Custom Machinist

TIG welding is one of the most effective welding techniques. You can agree that expertise is required to ensure that you produce clean and quality welds. Sometimes it isn’t easy to locate a local CNC machinist near me, and you will have to do the job independently.

What is TIG welding?

TIG welding is a process that machinist use to produce clean, pure, and precise welds. A tungsten electrode is used to heat the metal being welded. With this process, you can weld several metals compared to other welding techniques.

Basic welding tips

Though a local CNC machinist finds welding an easy task, a learner must follow the necessary steps to aid your efficiency. With several factors to be considered, you can be sure to attain expertise in TIG welding. DIY’s and learners can benefit from the following tips that would help you produce smooth and quality welds.

1. Apply minimum power

Most TIG welding learners find it challenging to apply the appropriate power when welding. A strong, clean, and solid weld requires that you regulate the power used during welding. If sustaining the power is challenging, it would be best to visit a CNC machine shop in Raleigh, where you can find help in regulating the power required in welding.

2. Weld-on clean metals

If you want a clean-cut, you must ensure that your metals are clean. A local CNC machinist with expertise would recommend that you brush materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. While on the same, you should also avoid melting the metal directly as it will produce a weak weld.

3. Use the appropriate Tungsten

Different metals require particular types of Tungsten. For instance, aluminum metals require you to use green Tungsten, while steel materials need red Tungsten. Though finding a CNC machinist near me might be problematic, you can be sure to master particular Tungsten’s effectiveness on specific elements if you weld regularly.

TIG welding can be a bit complicated if you are learning this technology. However, you can visit a CNC machine shop in Raleigh to learn basic operating tips. Better yet, you can contact us for your next project today.

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