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What Are Amberlink CMM’s?

Since 1993, Aberlink has been offering a variety of bridge and hexapod CMMs to cater to every application and budget in the local custom machine shops. It has been on the frontline to enable accurate measurements for micro components and other parts measuring over three meters in length, with weights of up to six tons.

Among the varieties of CMMs, are 32 standard sizes of manual variants and CNC. All of the categories come as a comprehensive turnkey package, which includes the Aberlink software. The program is usually in 3D format and presents the friendliest user interphase in Raleigh CNC machining.

The optional accessories that Aberlink offers range from vision to motion measurement tools. The application of its advanced gears goes a long way to improve the reliability of measuring in Raleigh CNC machining.

Facts About CMM’s Camera System

The advanced cameras and software avail a contactless measuring option on all Aberlink bridge-style CMMs, and are available in local custom machine shops. You can effortlessly swap the standard touch probe with the camera due to its design. That makes it stress-free to use both triggers to inspect.

1. Improved Clarity

The camera features a modern lens, which displays an image free from any distortion on the monitor. It also gives a 16-LED light ring, which illuminates the surface in default mode. Alternative UV LEDs provide an elegant backlight on a CMM.

2. A Reliable Software

Enjoy an effortless process when measuring intricate shapes, features, or even when scanning profiles, and examining threads using high-tech optical scanning. Most importantly, configure the lights and camera settings. You can do all that plus more, thanks to the Aberlink’s Vision Software module.

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