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What Is Tooling? Our Sanford Machinist Explains

Tooling is a process that involves acquiring the machines and components needed for production. It is often referred to as custom machine tooling. Cutting equipment, molds, dies, jigs and fixtures are some of the things that are often used in machine tooling.

A local CNC machining company has to make sure that they have the proper tooling. The tooling will affect the pricing, quality and lifecycle of the product. It is also important for manufacturers to have the right tooling.

If manufacturers do not have the proper tooling, then the products will not be made correctly. The manufacturer may have to re-do the entire process. That is why the success of a Sanford NC custom machine shop often depends on proper tooling.

Essential Parts of Tooling

There are several things that have to be done in order to ensure proper tooling, including the following.

  • Operating and setting up the machines
  • Using Computer-aided design or machining to manufacture parts
  • Knowing how to operate the tools
  • Applying high skill to operate the tools

A Sanford NC custom machine shop will take special care in order to ensure that the following things are done the correct way.

If you need any tooling assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We love helping local businesses and people by giving advice and working with them on projects.

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