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Swiss Turning Explained by Our Local Custom Machining Company

There are some situations where a standard part doesn’t fit the requirements of a project. A local custom machine shop might be needed to produce components for a prototype. In some of these situations, the parts might need to be small but also high performance.

Swiss Turning

In these situations, standard manufacturing can’t be used. Instead, Raleigh swiss turning machining needs to be found to get the right settings. We asked a representative who deals with custom machining in Raleigh to provide information.

Old Technology

To create the miniature screws required for the watch industry of the 19th century, the Swiss Screw machine was created. Also known as the Swiss Lathe, it exceeded the precision of standard fixed headstock lathes. This became evident as the parts became smaller.


Standard lathes used by a local custom machine shop firmly hold the component on each of its ends. As it spins, tools are moved in and out to cut and refine the piece.

Swiss Screw custom machining in Raleigh does one better. It spins and slides the component through a guide bushing. The required refinement tools are mounted to the guide. In this way, the tool’s force is utilized where the part emerges from the bushing.

As a result, the pressure is greatly minimized. This allows for more precision. As the manufactured parts get smaller, the benefits of Swiss Turning increase. This isn’t the same for a regular lathe. There, deflection and vibration increase the smaller the refinement.

Average Sizes

On average, Raleigh Swiss Turning machining can refine parts to between 1.25 and .75 inches in diameter. Not only that, but the tool has the capability to produce components in high volumes. This differs from other custom machines normally used for small batch jobs.

Should this type of part production be what’s needed for your organization, contact us for a quote and to have additional questions answered.

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