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3 Simple Tips to Properly Maintain Your CNC Machines

If you purchase from a quality CNC machine shop, like Wilson Machine & Tool, then you can expect all parts to be extremely durable and reliable for a very long time. We take maintenance of our CNC machines very serious and remains critical to operate our business, so we can deliver quality every time. Here are 3 very simple tips from our team to better maintain your CNC machining equipment.

Monitor the Machine’s Fluids

CNC machining requires hydraulic fluid and lubricants and these fluids will need to be replenished or replaced on a regular schedule and checked often. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual in order to find out what the machine needs, when and how much. Each machine is different and the driving components may require a different solution or lubricant or even cleaning agent. Be sure your CNC machines aren’t using fluid faster than it should. If they are, you may have a leak creating inefficiency or abnormal wear on the parts.

Grease the Moving Parts

Along with monitoring the fluids, you’ll also want to strongly recommend your team to use grease liberally to ensure frictionless motion to extend the life of the CNC machines. Inspecting the machines and moving components regularly is a good practice and an easy process you can build into your daily or weekly routines with your team. As mentioned above, check the manual for type of grease or solution to use and how often. If you ever see anything out the ordinary, contact the manufacturer or a repair tech immediately before proceeding with production.

Wipe Down Your Machine

If you use your CNC machine on a regular basis, then scrap material and grime will start to build up over each production or prototype run. Instill in your team to give your precision machining equipment a good wipe down after each use will not only keep your machines running smoothly, but will also keep them looking brand new. Any left over debris will get wiped off to the floor and away from the moving components, conveyor belt, buttons, lasers, saws, etc. As you know, this residue and debris can cause problems and cost you money to repair if jammed or potentially ruin mechanical parts.

We hope these quick tips help you in maintaining your CNC machine shop to their maximum efficiency. For more information about our Sanford NC custom machining shop, contact Wilson Machine & Tool today!

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