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4 Benefits Wire EDM Offers as Explained by Our Sanford Machine Shop

What is Wire EDM Machine Technology?

EDM technology has impacted the machining industry positively allowing precision. Wire EDM is one exceptional example of this technology that has improved efficiency and the benefits range from high tolerance to cost efficiency. We highly recommend purchasing Wire EDM’s to use in part cut off.

What Are Some Benefits of Wire EDM?

  • It has a high tolerance as it is more accurate and applies zero force to the part. Therefore, after machining, no additional processing is needed.
  • It saves one a lot of money and time since it processes parts faster and the Wire EDM parts can be assembled in a short time.
  • It is cost efficient as every machining process involving a Wire EDM is low budget. For instance, it produces less waste thus little effort is put into the cleaning of parts.
  • Lastly, Wire EDM is proficient in cutting complex shapes that are intricate and precise.

At our CNC machining shop in Sanford, NC, we recommend the use of Wire EDM products if you want precision and accuracy in the machining process as it is reliable, safe, and cost effective.
Visit our CNC machine shop website for questions about our Wire EDM products that will offer the finest experience in machining.

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