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The Importance of CNC Milling in Our Every Day Lives

CNC Milling: What is it?

CNC, or Computer Numeric Control, milling is specific form of computer controlled milling that employs highly precise cutting tools typically found in a CNC Machine shop, which are used to make many things that we use every day. CNC Milling machines are highly complex machines that takes much training to understand and use effectively. The operator must understand software, complex drawings, and must know about behaviors of different metals during the cutting process.

CNC Milling machines operate on several different axes, allowing shapes to be formed and cut that would be impossible through manual means. The CNC Mills also allow for parts to made much quicker, allowing more parts to be made at a much more precise level.

How is it done?

CNC machine shops generally use a software that the machinist must be familiar with. The machinist uses the software in order to transform the material into what is desired. This computer language is how CNC is so precise: it tells the CNC Mill exactly where to cut.

Why is it important?

CNC Milling is important because of the ability to produce very high quality parts much faster, allowing for more appliances that we use everyday. The ability to produce with a high precision and at a high rate allows for more parts to made and sold for use, and the parts are very important for many fields, such as the medical field! The CNC Mills often make little to no mistakes, and very rarely will the mistake be due to the computer. This increases quality and production rate, where as compared to manual machining, the production rate is much slower, and mistakes are much more common.

As computers become more advanced, so will CNC Milling, which opens up an exciting new future! This can be seen in the advanced CNC machining in Sanford. The advanced techniques used for the CNC machining in Sanford and the surrounding areas are some of the most advanced in the world!


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