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CNC Swiss Turning Machines Offer Double Productivity

The Advantages of CNC Swiss Machining Tools

Swiss-type machining techniques have gained a foothold when it comes to serving our industrial needs. Tools using CNC swiss turning have become increasingly popular at machine shops all over the country and world, including our Sanford precision machine shop, Wilson Machine & Tool. The success of Swiss machining is related to both its efficiency and versatility.

Understanding Swiss Machining
Cutting tools that use a computer numerical control (CNC) system make possible the type of precision machining needed by the industries of today. Employing CNC technology, Swiss-type lathes can provide even greater precision. In the manner by which stock materials are fed through the tool, CNC Swiss turning makes it possible to cut items in close proximity to the support point. These are some of the specific advantages of Swiss-type machining:

  • The effect of moving the stock instead of the tool facilitates the programming of the machine
  • The method avoids the necessity of segmenting the work into different tasks
  • Swiss machines utilize oil instead of water to enhance the cutting process, which reduce the threat to operators and the risk of bacterial growth

The Increasing Use of Swiss Machining
In recent years, our CNC swiss turning machine shop has extended into areas that were previously reserved for the medical and electronics industries. This Swiss method is especially effective in producing items used automotive, aerospace, and many other industries. CNC swiss turning today is one of the machining techniques available at Wilson Machine & Tool in Sanford. Our whole team has remarked on how the efficiency of swiss machining has lowered costs by reducing the need for maintaining a large inventory.

Raising Productivity Through Swiss Machining
Having once used only conventional lathes, Wilson Machine & Tool has been able to double its production now that it has invested in CNC swiss turning machines. This increase in productivity is directly related to the stability of Swiss machining, which reduces the need for delicate and time-consuming work.

If you or your company can benefit from what we  have to offer, contact Wilson Machine & Tool for more information.

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